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Western Bellows                 

7454 Henbane St
 Etiwanda, CA  91739
(909) 980-0606

Turner Bellows is another.

There's also Mark K. Kapono in Hawaii.

Also,.Camera Bellows is based in the UK, will ship internationally.

If you're interested in repairing your bellows, Bostick & Sullivan sells a patching kit.

This thread from APUG describes a method using Plasti-Dip® for smaller repairs.

Want to try and build your own? Here are instructional articles by Troy Ammons, Roland & Caroline Givan, Joe Smiegel, and Doug Bardell.


... your own 4x5, 8x10 or Pinhole camera. See Bender Photographic for a line of LF camera kits.

Giordano Biondani shows how his Bender 4x5 went together. The project is very well documented!

Jon Grepstad has compiled a list of links of interest to those who'd like to build one from scratch.

Rudolf Mittelmann shows how he built a beautiful 18x24 camera.

In the U.K., Raymont Kirby has an extensive line of LF camera kits.


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The Packard Shutter Company.

Interested in a DeGroff AirWay shutter release?  Glennviewhas used shutter releases and adapters to use with your bulb and hose. Click here for info and prices (scroll down). B&H also has them new (including bulb and hose) with straight or 90° connections to the shutter socket.


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COPAL SHUTTERS (New) B&H Photo and Video The shutters are special order and can take 2-4 weeks to get.

RTS, Inc. (631-242-6801) is the US importer of Copal shutters, and they can direct you to a dealer near you.


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DARKROOM EQUIPMENT For Film, Paper, Chemistry, Darkroom Tools, Lighting Equipment and other photo-related products, see Darkroom Studios. Also, in case you're anywhere near Merchantville, NJ, they rent darkrooms by the hour or by the day!

Jobo USA markets a complete line of top-notch darkroom equipment.


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S. K. Grimes.

Tim Sharkey.


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Freestyle Photographic Supplies—includes special resources for educators.

Artcraft Chemicals, Inc.—a comprehensive range of photographic chemical solutions for a variety of photographic processes including wet-plate, Platinum/ Palladium and other alternative process.

Bostick & Sullivan—specializes in platinum and palladium printing and alternative and antique processes.

Photographer's Formulary—photo grade chemistry for the amateur and professional photographer and much more.

Nova—a darkroom and digital imaging supplier in the U.K.

Fomafoto is a classical photographic materials store with a line of film, papers, and chemistry made by Foma Bohemia. They're in the Czech Republic, so please excuse the English language errors on their website.

Looking for hard-to-find film sizes?   Try Film For Classics.


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Cress Photo calls itself "the world's largest flash bulb dealer.

MeggaFlash manufactures flash bulbs.


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Paramount Cords—standard or custom cords with any combination of tips or plugs to fit any flash, coiled or straight, any length...

B&H Photo has cords with Graflex Bi-plugs.


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Ground Glass Specialties—Home of Satin Snow™ Ground Glass. Note: Due to some unfortunate personal problems, they are not presently taking any new orders. As soon as they resume, we'll let you know.

Coming soon... hopfglass.


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LAB SERVICES Allied Photocolor Imaging Center is a full service lab with an enormous range of capabilities. Don't let the name fool you—they also handle B&W.

Calypso Imaging is well known for producing high-quality Lightjet prints.

Whether you need film processing (including sheet film), scanning, or hand pulled silver prints, Praus Productions can handle it.

Color and B&W film processing (up to 11x14), printing, mounting, and much more at Allied Photocolor Imaging Center.

Chrome Digital does C-41 and E-6 processing (35 and MF) in addition to a full range of digital services.

Film Only.  Blue Moon Camera and Machine makes pictures by shining light through a lens, the old fashioned way!  Blue Moon Camera also has an inventory of new and used film cameras including 35mm, Large Format, Pinhole, and others.  Check them out.  They're in Saint Johns, OR, a neighborhood of of Portland.

LARGE FORMAT CAMERA RESTORATION Contact Richard Ritter at Ritter’s Camera Restoration.

Filmholders.com can also restore your large format cameras.


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LEATHER REPLACEMENT CameraLeather.com for kits.

Dean's Photographica for replacement services.


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Coating and Re-cementing for lens elements:

Lens Mounting


  • Best-Lensboards.

  • Barry Young, owner of the Young Camera Company in Tacoma, WA, makes Waterhouse stops. He also makes three piece lensboards which are equal in quality to original Deardorff boards, drills existing lensboards, and mounts shutters.  You can contact him at barryjyoung@yahoo.com.

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Quality Light-Metric Co.
7095 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA  90028
(323) 467-2265

Also, Richard Ritter at Ritter’s Camera Restoration.


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B & H Photo is one of the most respected large-volume dealers in the U.S.

Badger Graphics. (New and used equipment.)

Glennview. (New and used equipment.)

Lensrepro.com. (Used equipment and rentals.)

CameraQuest. (New and used equipment.)

K. E. H. Camera Brokers, Inc. (New and used equipment.) Their grading system is very conservative. Most of their BGN-graded items would be rated VG or EX by others.

Midwest Photo Exchange. (New and used equipment.) Outstanding reputation in the LF community.

The View Camera Store. (New and used equipment.)

Stouffer Graphic Arts. (Calibration and Test Guides.)

Spectra light meters. (New Light Meters and Spot Attachments.)

Photographer's Space. (Used  equipment.)

Film Holders from... who else... Filmholders.com.

New and used equipment from Quality Camera Company.

McRill's Camera buys, sells, and trades high quality (9.5+) equipment. Dick is also quite a photographer.

Need to rent a 20x24 Polaroid camera? Want to buy one?

Speaking of Polaroid, here's a link to their worldwide website.

Here's a link to Rollei's website.

Think Tank Photo manufactures camera bags, camera cases, photo backpacks, and beltpacks for Professional Photographers.

Sinar Bron Imaging is the source for Sinar cameras, Broncolor lightinf equipment, and FOBA accessories.

Photobackpacker specializes in backpacks for LF gear.

Some rare and interesting classic cameras and lenses from Jay O. Tepper.

Pacific Rim Camera carries classic cameras and accessories. Need a Schneider lens cap? A Minolta key fob? Brochures? Vintage photo magazines?

ACE (All Camera Equipment) is an index to photo manufacturers, dealers, repair services, labs, magazines, and more. New and used.

Equinox Photographic is a small, family-run outfit in Eugene, Oregon that deals in classic photo equipment from 35mm to LF.

In Ontario, Windsor Photo Outfitters carries new and used equipment.

Northwest Collector Camera deals in collectible film cameras (mostly smaller formats) and manuals (originals—not PDFs or photocopies).

Collectible Cameras features used modern, vintage, film, and digital cameras.

The Big Camera Workshops sell new, mostly LF, cameras and accessories.

Igor Reznik at Igor's Camera Exchange buys and sells classic cameras in all formats.

TigerDirect is a good place to buy new new and refurbished computer equipment.

Linhof & Studio is the main UK dealer and service center for Linhof.

Randy Smith does mods on Holgas.  Check him out!



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Never use WD-40 for lubrication straight out of the can.  Do not use the Graphite you buy in the hardware store—that is for door locks.


Time Savers is a supplier of clock repair parts and materials.
S. LaRose also supplies clock repair parts and materials.
Otto Frei provides special-purpose oils and lubricants.


Brownells is a source for natural powdered graphite that's suitable for use in photographic equipment.

MANUALS Craig Camera has thousands of instruction manuals and hundreds of repair manuals faithfully reproduced from the originals (not second and third generation copies).

Neat Photo on eBay.

Nikon Dave on eBay.

Michael Butkus's library of 2,500 instruction/user manuals.

Mark Roberts has a collection of Pentax service manuals for download. 35mm and MF.

More Pentax manuals from Kim Coxon.

There are many free repair manuals at Kyphoto. You'll find Canon, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Yashica...


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PINHOLE PHOTOGRAPHY Pinhole Resources claims to be the "World's largest supplier of Pinhole Photography products." Theyre also a Non-Profit archive for Pinhole Photography.
PROJECTOR BULBS Source: The Bulb Man

About and which bulb will fit my projector? The Photo/Image News Network.


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SHUTTER TESTERS BestPrice.com frequently has links to Shutter Testers for sale.

Here's a link to a Photo.net discussion of different types of Shutter Testers.

Here's a link to a Photo.net description of how to make your own, using your computer's sound card and a laser pointer as a light source. Includes a schematic.

David Richert shows how he made his. He uses an LED flashlight as a light source, but says any bright light will work. Includes a schematic and photos. Also has screen shots of the free sound card software and an explanation of the waveforms.

Here's an Apug discussion started by someone (named Thorney) who built David's Shutter Tester. He also provides a Shutter Test Log Sheet for recording the measured performance of your shutter(s).


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TOOLS, PARTS, MANUALS, BATTERIES & MORE Camera repair tools, manuals, batteries, etc. Micro Tools will probably have it.

Need batteries and you live in the UK? Try the Small Battery Company.

Need small parts? Small Parts, Inc has 'em. They also have spring steel.

Kyphoto carries light seals, SLR mirror dampers, and much more.

Working on a wooden field camera? Lee Valley (Canada) has all kinds of woodworking tools, supplies, and accessories.

In the U.S., there's Rockler for woodworking tools, supplies, hardware, etc.

Swiss+Tech Tools specializes in tiny "key ring products." Check out their 8-in-1 Micro Plus® tool.

Micro Fasteners carries those tiny little machine screws, nuts, washers, and other assorted fasteners.

Thin spring steel shim stock is available from McMaster-Carr: Part number: 9503K18.

Parts for Copal shutters? C.R.I.S. Camera Services has 'em.

DAG Camera Parts specializes in parts for Minox and Leica cameras.

Need beam splitter glass? Edmund Optics (U.S.) is a leading supplier of optics and optical components to industry for over 60 years, designing and manufacturing a wide array of multi-element lenses, lens coatings, imaging systems, and Opto-Mechanical equipment.

Need battery adapters? The paulbg.com website has 'em.

Here's a handy battery conversion chart from Kassoy.

Anchor Optics is an optical surplus store.

Looking for light bulbs? Replacement Light Bulbs.com/ has hard-to-find bulbs!

The Surplus Shed buys, sells, and trades government and other surplus and used optical and electronic items.

You can find all kinds of hardware at Reid Supply Company.

Adorama also has an assortment of hardware.

So does Armor. Miniature screws, hinges, and more.

MSC Direct carries all kinds of machine tools, woodworking tools, harware, and much more.

If you're looking for lubricants, try Nye.

See the stuff Hollywood studios use at FilmTools. For example, check out their selection of cleaning supplies.

The Black Hole of Los Alamos claims to have "the world's most diverse stock of used scientific equipment, electronics, lab supplies, nuclear by-products, surplus items and materials" Nuclear by-products? Yikes!


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VINTAGE & LF CAMERA REPAIRS Ken Ruth at Bald Mountain specializes in the repair of antique, obsolete, and very unusual photographic equipment.

Jurgen at Vintage Folding Cameras can repair your old folder. Bellows replacements, too.

Frank Marshman can add flash sync. Contact him at...
Camera Wiz
1495 Needmore Lane
Harrisonburg, VA 22802
Tel: 540-867-9671
... or send him an email at camerawiz@msn.com

For Rolleis and others, try Camera Repair Dot Com.

Harry Fleenor also repairs Rolleis.

Don Goldberg specializes in Leica.
DAG Camera Repair
2128 Vintage Drive
Oregon, WI 53575

Sherry Krauter is a factory trained Leica Specialist.
Golden Touch Quality Camera Repair
118 Purgatory Road
Campbell Hall, NY 10916

Both Don and Sherry are Leitz factory trained. Don also works on Minox cameras.

Contact Kindermann for Leica work in Toronto.

In Luton, Bedfordshire, UK, CRR (Camera Repair and Restoration) will restore your Leica. When the Queen was presented with a chrome M6, it was checked here at CRR before being sent to the Palace!

Also in the UK (Essex Road in London) are M.W. Classic Cameras.

And there is...
AXCO Instruments
228 Regents Park Road
Finchley London N3 3HP
Tel: +44 20 8346 8302
Newton Ellis & Company
29 Cheapside
Liverpool L2 2DY
Tel: 0151 236 1391

Photographicrepairs.co.uk has more links to cameras and camera repairs.

Windsor Photo Outfitters, in Ontario, repairs "... anything from Leicas to Ensign Full-Vues to Nikon F5s..."

Olympus only. John Hermanson at Camtech Photo Services is a factory trained Olympus tech with thirty years of continuous Olympus service and restoration experience.

Henry Scherer: works on Leica and Contax.

For repair of all types of photo equipment:
Jerry Winkeler
Winkeler Kamera Klinic
8460 N Lindbrgh Blvd 4a Ste 4A
Florissant, MO 63031
Tel: 314-921-0788

Pro Camera Service is a factory authorized warranty service center for Nikon, Fuji, Canon, and Pentax, but they also work on many others.

Eric Henderson has been servicing Pentax equipment since 1969.

Paul Ebel
420 21st Street North, Suite 2
P.O. Box 141
Menomonie, WI 54751
Tel: 651-335-8759
Email: paulebel44@yahoo.com

ICT Camera repairs most brands of cameras and lighting equipment. They also have a nice selection of used 35mm and medium format cameras.

For expert repair of your vintage camera:
Bob Watkin
Precision Camera Works
7064 W. Main St
Niles, IL 60714
Tel: 847-470-3360

The folks at MCVR (Morgantown Camera and Video Repair) are great for Canon repairs. They work on most other brands too, including film and digital cameras.

Dean's Photographica provides repair services for older cameras made before the onslaught of electronics. They can also replace leather coverings on most cameras.

In France: Photo Suffren. They have the parts and experience to service Compur electronic shutters. If you have shutters needing repair, hurry up—the technician plans to retire in less than 3 years... unless they can find some younger willing person to train. They also service Leica, Rollei, et al.

Also in France, Marc Nicolas repairs classic cameras in all formats.

David S. Odess is a factory trained Hasselblad technician with 30 years experience servicing the Hasselblad system exclusively.

Canada Camera & Photo Services
(Specializes in Nikons)
2525 West Beverly Boulevard
Montebello, CA 90640
(323) 722-5632

Peachtree Camera and Video Repair, Inc. repairs "cameras manufactured from the 1800's to the present, including digital, video, VCRs, etc.

Frank Marsham works on all kinds of classic cameras at...
Camera Wiz Camera Repair
169 Pleasant Hill Road
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
Tel: 540-434-8133

Koh's Camera in North Bellmore, NY (Long Island) specializes in Bronica repairs.

Tracy Storer, the guy who rents out his 20x24 Polaroid camera, also repairs LF cameras.

Mark Hama, Ltd. has been owned and operated by Mark Hama for over 20 years.  Mark's 40 years of experience began was with factory training by Yashica in Nagano, Japan and he moved on to become Yashica's service manager in the U.S.  Although Mark works on all brands of camera, he specializes in Yashica and Leica.

YYeCAMERA. specializes in service and repair of classic Leica rangefinder cameras. Popular services include, but are not limited to:

● Cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment ("CLA") of the camera body
● CLA of most Leica rangefinder (LTM or M bayonet mount) lenses and some Leica R lenses.
● Replacement of one or both shutter curtains
● Replacement of the rangefinder beam splitter on Leica Thread Mount (LTM) cameras
● Re-cementing of a separated rangefinder for Leica M2/M3/M4 camera bodies
● Replacement of worn Vulcanite with your choice of material
● Conversion of Leica M2/M3 flash socket to the M4 type
● Conversion of Leica M3 to an M4 type quick loading mechanism
● Removal of 135/75 frame lines from Leica M4-P and newer models
● Upgrading Leica M6 finder to MP "no flare" finder

YYeCAMERA works on classic Leica bodies from IA to MP (with the exception of the Leica M5 and CL). They also work on Leica copies, such as Canon II/III/IV/P, Nicca, Tower and similar cameras.


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WET PLATE AND DRY PLATE SUPPLIES Wet Plate chemicals are sold by Freestyle Photographic Supplies and Photographer's Formulary. Freestyle also has TinType plates.

Step-by-step instructions can be found at the PBS website.

Glass plate film is available from Ilford, Retro Photographic, Ltd., and Surplus Shed.



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